Pluck wants to ensure that every law school hopeful has the opportunity to maximize their LSAT potential. Financing your LSAT preparation should not be an obstacle to getting accepted by the school of your dreams.

We offer scholarships* for the Pluck LSAT Course to a portion of our students who demonstrate financial hardship. We also have installment plans available for students who have difficulty paying the full cost of the course in advance.

To apply for a Pluck scholarship or the installment plan, please submit a letter detailing your reason for requesting financial aid. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and we encourage you to submit documentation supporting your request (e.g., pay stubs, last year's FAFSA, yours and/or your parents’ W-2 or 1040 forms, etc.).

Please email scholarship applications and inquiries to, subject line "Financial Aid."

* - Scholarships for the 72 Hour Pluck LSAT Course result in the student paying half of that course's full price. For example, if the full price of the course is $1250, scholarship students would only pay $625. The scholarship cannot be combined with any other discount.

Students must apply for a scholarship at least two weeks in advance of the course's start date. Pluck does not issue scholarships retroactively.