More hours of in-class instruction, an innovative curriculum, personalized feedback, and taught by the best instructors around.



Pluck's 72-hour LSAT prep course has a straightforward goal: to teach you the thought processes that lead to a perfect LSAT score in the most effective way possible.

To accomplish this missionwe've designed a comprehensive LSAT prep course made up of interactive classroom sessions, each emphasizing a particular form of reasoning, family of questions, or mode of thinking. Our unique course structure teaches the individual strategies that bring success and underscores how these techniques complement one another. The result is a cohesive course, comprised of easily-digestible components, and presented in a clear, logical progression.

The secret to our curriculum is “cross-classification.”  LSAT questions are multi-faceted, and consistent LSAT success stems from the ability to identify patterns in the information presented, question asked, and answers offered.  We’ve dissected every LSAT problem contained in our course by at least 8 different criteria. Pluck’s Philadelphia LSAT Prep Course rejects convention—a monolithic focus on “question type”—and also considers the various concepts being tested in a question’s format, structure, reasoning, and answer choices. Our deep analysis of the exam has produced a course structured around what’s most important: the thought processes and strategies essential for crushing the LSAT. This approach allows our students to not only understand what’s being tested, but also how to react at each step of every question.


While we’ve invested great effort in perfecting our curriculum, what we take the most pride in is our unrivaled teaching and dedication to our students. Successfully transforming students into LSAT monsters takes more than just a rookie instructor with a sexy LSAT score. It takes an experienced teacher, with complete command of the course methodology, who is sensitive to the needs of his or her students.

That's why Pluck's Philadelphia LSAT Prep Courses, held in University City Philadelphia, are taught exclusively by the LSAT experts who designed the course: Ben Marcus, who earned a perfect LSAT score (180), and Matt Posivak, a 99.9th percentile scorer with a perfect Analytical Reasoning section. Backing up these handsome numbers, however, are a combined 23 years of LSAT teaching experience. We love our students too much to entrust their care to anyone else.


Each Pluck student is provided with an extensive set of materials to perfect our methodology and master the thought processes underlying the LSAT. In addition to over 5,200 LSAT questions, our students are given access to Pluck Online, our “cross-classification” scoring engine that provides detailed analytics and allows students to easily track their progress.

Beyond these resources, our students are given feedback and advice along the way: Pluck offers 30-minute group Q&A periods with your teacher prior to start of each class, and a 20-minute one-on-one progress conference.  We also prepare our students for test day by offering 4 proctored LSAT practice tests that mimic the LSAT experience.

No other LSAT prep course offers more hours of in-class instruction, and no other LSAT prep course will prepare you more thoroughly than Pluck's.
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Note: The hours of instruction and resources described above apply to Pluck's 72 Hour LSAT Course. Accelerated LSAT Courses may provide fewer hours and resources. Please refer to the specifics for each course via the "Full schedule and additional course details" link provided.

* Discounts are available for a limited time and may be revoked without notice. Discounts will be honored only if they are in effect at the time student submits his or her LSAT COURSE RESERVATION.

  • Full Course: 72 hours of live instruction
    • Begins March 12th
    • Held near Penn & Drexel Campuses
    • Meets Mondays & Thursdays: 5:15pm-10:00pm
    • Practice tests on Saturdays: 9:15am-12:15pm
  • Taught by Matt Posivak and Ben Marcus

Price: $1250