The law school admissions process impacts the rest of your life. We want you to be confident that you're in good hands.

Pluck is a two-man operation that exists for one reason: to help our students achieve their educational and professional goals. If you become a Pluck student, you, and your success, are our priority.

We know the importance of the LSAT and the law school application process, and realize that a student’s choice to work with us comes with a great deal of responsibility. We don’t take that lightly. No company has teachers who will care more, or has mentors who will be more invested in your progress.

We are dedicated to providing the best preparation possible. Having spent a combined 23 years in LSAT preparation and law school admissions consulting, we know the exam and application process inside out. But that doesn’t stop us from constantly working to improve our methods and our approach to teaching them. Nor does it prevent us from devising new strategies to improve our students' admissions prospects. We will never be satisfied with good enough.




Ben Marcus


Ben lives by the motto “If you love the LSAT, it will love you back.” His love for the exam has been reciprocated: he achieved a perfect score (180) on the LSAT. Moreover, for the last decade, he’s been devoted to instilling this love in his LSAT students and watching the test love them back.

Prior to starting Pluck, Ben taught the LSAT for a large prep company. In 2005, Ben began teaching in Philadelphia. In 2010, he moved to New York City, where he's been teaching the LSAT ever since.

Ben grew up in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia and attended Central High School. He is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. When not working with students, Ben loves to cook.

Matt Posivak


Matt is an LSAT prodigy. The first time he saw a full-length LSAT was on test day (a strategy he does NOT recommend to his students). Despite his limited familiarity with the exam, he walked away with a perfect score in logic games, and achieved a 99th percentile score overall. He later scored a 178, while maintaining his streak of perfection in logic games.

A native of Pennsport in South Philadelphia, Matt graduated magna cum laude from La Salle University before earning his JD at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

In 2006, Matt began reviewing friends' law school applications and informally tutoring them for the LSAT. He became a full-time LSAT instructor in 2011, teaching in Ann Arbor and the Washington D.C.-metro area. Matt then returned home, and has been teaching the LSAT in Philadelphia since 2012.

Matt has over 10,000 hours of experience teaching the LSAT, and has worked with over 1000 students. He also really really likes television.