The law school you attend will be lucky to have you. Pluck ensures that they know it.


The law school admissions process can be daunting. At every turn, you must make important decisions that can impact your chances of getting accepted, your odds for merit-based aid, or both. We're here to make the process less stressful and share our experience.

Pluck maximizes your admissions’ prospects and scholarship opportunities by helping you communicate your unique traits, experience, and perspective. Your Pluck admissions consultant, Matt or Ben, will work closely with you to develop an application that both highlights your strengths and appropriately addresses any areas of concern.

We've been in your shoes: Matt and Ben both applied to, and were accepted by, elite law schools during one of the most competitive periods in admissions history.  More importantly, we have a successful track record of assisting law school hopefuls achieve, and even exceed, their goals.

Pluck works with prospective law students on a wide variety of admissions-related issues. Some common projects include:

  • Developing a general timeline for:

    • Taking the LSAT

    • Requesting letters of recommendation

    • Submitting applications

  • Devising a list of target, reach, and safety schools

  • Brainstorming for, and review of:

    • Personal statements

    • Diversity statements

    • School-specific optional essays

    • LSAT or GPA Addenda

    • Resumes

    • Conduct disclosures

    • Letters of continued interest

  • Deciding whether and where to apply early decision

  • Preparing for admissions interviews

Admissions Consulting Clients:

Consulting Options

Hourly Consulting

  • Perfect for personal statement brainstorming and feeback
Price: $450 for 2 hours
Additional Hours at $225/hr

The 10-Hour Consulting Plan

  • Great for students seeking comprehensive admissions advice and detailed review of essays
Price: $1950
Additional Hours at $195/hr

The Complete Law School (100-Hour) Plan

  • Step-by-step guidance through the law school admissions process, from LSAT preparation to your submitted applications
  • 100 hours of combined LSAT tutoring and admissions consulting
  • Full set of Pluck LSAT Materials, which includes 5,200 LSAT questions
  • Proctored practice tests
Price: $15,000
Additional Hours at $145/hr