Pluck tutoring provides expert LSAT instruction adapted to your needs, your pace, and your schedule.

Tutoring improves your test performance by supplying an LSAT specialist's undivided attention on you and your progress. After you request tutoring, Ben or Matt will get in touch to discuss your goals, schedule, and your LSAT preparation history. Your first tutoring session will likely begin with an assessment of your current skill set. Your tutor will delve into your LSAT thought process, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and then use that insight to design your plan of attack.

Tutoring is completely customized to fit you. Every student has a unique combination of goals, LSAT abilities, and learning style, so there is no “typical” tutoring session. We may examine problems to illustrate new techniques or reasoning structures, review issues that arose in previous homework assignments or practice tests, and/or game plan for the future. Pluck tutoring ensures that you have individualized guidance that will help you conquer the LSAT and provides a mentor that moves in tandem with you through your preparation.


Whether you're an LSAT newbie or a grizzled veteran, we can help. Looking to tighten up a few weaknesses you’ve found while in the LSAT prep class or through self study? We’ve got your back. Starting fresh and excited to delve deeply into the mindset and methods that allow for 180 results while in an individualized atmosphere? You’re in the right place. Not sure what you need? We’ll help you figure it out.

If you are in Philadelphia or New York City, look over the options below and complete the Tutoring Request Form for more information or to get started!

Standard Tutoring

Hourly Tutoring

  • Perfect for troubleshooting a specific area of concern
Price: $195/hr

The 15-Hour Plan

  • Great for fine-tuning skills from the Pluck LSAT Course, as well as for self-studiers seeking expert guidance
Price: $2,700
Additional Hours at $180/hr

The 50-Hour Plan

  • Optimal for students who prefer an intensive one-on-one experience
  • Includes proctored practice tests
Price: $8,250
Additional Hours at $165/hr

Premium Options

The Complete LSAT (75-Hour) Plan

  • Covers all of the content from the Pluck LSAT Course
  • Includes a complete set of Pluck LSAT Materials
  • Proctored practice tests
Price: $12,000
Additional Hours at $155/hr

The Complete Law School (100-Hour) Plan

  • Step-by-step guidance through the law school admissions process, from LSAT preparation to your submitted applications
  • 100 hours of combined LSAT tutoring and admissions consulting
  • Full set of Pluck LSAT Materials
  • Proctored practice tests
Price: $15,000
Additional Hours at $145/hr